Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 4th Flag Raising & Breakfast

Who is this cutie! She could be our mascot!
We love our Vets!
Ketels and Goodmans! They look so patriotic!
Ron is always there to help! Our Young Men are so fortunate to have him!
We LOVE our Elders! Elder Nash & Elder Simmons.
Poor Elder Simmons had a little mishap in a basketball game!

Our friends, Taos & Martins. Thanks for helping with the breakfast!
Our MOST Eligible Bachelors!
Lance, Robert, Kyle, Alex, Chris & Ryan
Strubecks & Sissons Wake-up Cameron!
Garth Brooks-I mean Allyn!
All American kids!
Brandon is REALLY excited about being here at 8am!
Check out our soon-to-be Newlyweds! oxoxoxo
Cuties Linda & Frank
Arbons were lucky enough to have cousins visit for this fun tradition!
Grandma June & her wonderful family!
We were fortunate enough to have a little inland fog to keep us cool.
It was so great to see one of our FAVORITE couples;
the Dohms!!! We love you!
I think Deby has been adopted by the Kents!
Morris's love the 4th!

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