Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beecroft 5K Memorial Run

Monday was the Beecroft 5K Memorial Run in Ojai.
Many of the participants of the race were good friends and members of our ward. Janet took 1st place in her division!
All smiles BEFORE the race.
It's a great family race. Several of the children rode their bikes or hit the trail with their scooters. Many of the moms took to the path with their jogging strollers.
Scott & Kristy ran with their boys. Ethan & Drew ran with Scott while Kristy tried to keep up with Will as he rode his bike.
Lauri took 2nd in her division. Ed came in 6th in his age division!
Who are these cute mommas??? Bonnie placed 8th in her division and Debbie placed 4th in her division.
Oh, to be 9 again! Running like a gazelle!
Ethan & Drew came in not far behind their dad.
Marita came in 4th in her division! Their were 14 women in her division.
Kirsten has been training for this race and it really paid off. She quickly pulled ahead of the mass of runners to finish 5th in her division.
Look at those kids pull ahead at the start of the race! Addie was determined to finish before any of her cousins! Addie finished 4th in her division and Audrey finished 1st in hers! I think I see Tyler back there along with Ed, Bonnie & Jonathon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

RS/YW Progressive Dinner & Bike Ride

Our RS/YW Progressive Dinner and Bike Ride was a huge success. We all had such a great time.
We started off at the park and then rode to Karen's for fruit and water. Here we had a little "Apron String Cutting" for our Laurels and their moms. Time to cut those strings, Moms! Nancy did a wonderful job spotlighting our out-going Laurels. Then Linn took a minute to give some advice to the new young women coming into Relief Society.
After a wonderful dinner of salad, chips & salsa and pulled pork sandwiches we all rode back up to the park for fun and games.
We had a few sisters who go a little carried away! Kathy, Roberta and June are HIGHLY competitive! Who knew?

Special Thanks to...
Alan and Jade-our "Hottie" chauffeurs in the red convertibles
Melissa-cooked and organized the delicious food
Trish-hours of planning and preparing

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Free Movie Schedule for Regal Theatre in Camarillo

Camarillo Palace Stadium 12
Summer Free Family Film Festival
680 Ventura BoulevardCamarillo ,CA 93010

All movies start at 10:00 am

6/16/2009-06/17/2009 Kit Kittredge: American Girl (G) Because Of Winn Dixie (PG)
06/23/2009-06/24/2009 Charlotte's Web (G) Kung Fu Panda (PG)
06/30/2009-07/01/2009 Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Veggie Tale Movie (G) Inkheart (PG)
07/07/2009-07/08/2009 Everyone's Hero (G) Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa (PG)
07/14/2009-07/15/2009 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (G) Alvin And The Chipmunks (PG)
07/21/2009-07/22/2009 Doogal (G) Surf's Up (PG)
07/28/2009-07/29/2009 Space Chimps (G) Igor (PG)

08/04/2009-08/05/2009 The Tale Of Despereaux (G) Nim's Island (PG)

08/11/2009-08/12/2009 Horton Hears A Who (G) Spiderwick Chronicles (PG)

Beecroft 5K Memorial Run

The Beecroft 5K Memorial Day Run got started when dad (Carl J Beecroft, Jr.) was Stake President of Ventura Stake from 1978-1988. One of his counselors was a big runner, Dr. Robert Skankey from Ojai. My dad always wanted to run a marathon... he was very athletic most of his life and enjoyed running, tennis, softball and golf, but never got to do a marathon as his Ataxia Disease started to have its affect in his early '50s.
But in 1981 they had the first Stake 5K Run held at different venues, the first ones were at the Ventura County Government Center, Ventura State Beach up to Surfers Point and back and the last number of years it has been held starting at Foster Park on the way up to Ojai off Highway 33.
Back in those early days, my dad also had an interest in Beekeeping, as did my husband John. Dad would bottle up some of his honey and put labels on them for the 1st place prizes in the different age categories. The race began to be called the "Beecroft 5K Run" and the honey seemed an appropriate prize because of his last name..."Bee" croft. The Stake kept records of everyone's times and gave out certificates in the early years. It is highly organized and run by a married couple in Ventura Stake each year who are avid runners themselves. The race has always accommodated members of the Stake of every age, gender, shape and size! They even have a stroller category and walkers category. It makes it a lot of fun to bring the whole family to. Today the 1st place price in each category is still a bottle of honey and 2nd and 3rd place prizes are awarded "bit-o-honey" candies. My dad died of cancer in February 2004 at the young age of 67. My mom followed him at the end of 2007. This year marks the 28th year of the Beecroft 5K Memorial Day Run.

My siblings and I are having our first Beecroft Family Reunion without our parents with the Run as the main event of our reunion this year. My parents would be so humbled to know that this race continues to happen after all these years. Bro. Robert Skankey, who came up with the idea all those years ago, still comes to the race and much credit goes to him for seeing that it has been such a success. Some participants have been coming all these 28 years! It's become quite the tradition.

The race is free to participate in and the sign-in and registration tables begin around 8:00 am and the race starts at 9:00 am. There is a parking fee to park in Foster Park. Some people choose to park outside the park and walk into the gathering place down by the restrooms. We hope you will come out on Monday and join us!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sister Amanda Ah Sue Serving In Boise,Idaho

Sister Amanda Ah Sue was born in Orlando, Florida July 1986. Her family moved back to Camarillo in 1988. Her mom, Linda Ketels grew up here in Camarillo, as well. Amanda graduated in December 2008 from BYU with a Bachelors in Philosophy. She surprised her family at Christmas time by telling them she had decided to serve a mission. Originally, she had wanted to wait until her brother, Chris, had returned home from his mission to Texas. He will return home June 3rd. But, at his urging, she sent in her mission papers. She received her call in February to serve in the Boise, Idaho Mission. She left for the MTC on April 15th and then for Boise on May 5th.

Amanda loves her mission. Her companion and she get along very well. They are living with an "empty nest" couple in their basement. Her first experience with her first door approach went really well. Although Amanda did not have any training on door approaches, she was able to deliver the message and even was invited in to teach a lesson. She and her companion are able to go to the Temple once a week on their Preparation Day. She and her Companion have use of a car which they are grateful for.
Please take a moment to write Sister Ah Sue.
Sister Amanda Ah Sue:
Idaho Boise Mission 1111 S Cole Rd. Boise, ID 83709-1869

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heaven Sent ( Recognizing the Tender Mercies of the Lord) Lesson Given by Linn Evans, RS Presidnet

In the opening chapter of the Book of Mormon, Nephi tells us one of the reasons that he is writing this record is to show us “that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith.” Nephi 1:20
1000 years later Moroni pleads with us to: “remember how merciful the Lord hath been unto the children of men” Moroni 10:3

Elder Bednar tells us that the “Lord’s tender mercies are the very personal and individualized blessings” that come from the Lord. They are little everyday miracles that come to us when we need them the most and remind us of how involved both the Savior and Heavenly Father are in our lives. How many times do we overlook them and think that they are just random coincidences? It’s the Lord's timing that allows us to recognize them as blessings and not coincidences.

When we recognize the Lord’s tender mercies in our own lives, we realize that He knows the challenges that we face and knows what will help us get through them. May we strive to remain close to Him - so we will qualify ourselves for His personal and individualized blessings and when we receive them remember to acknowledge them with gratitude to Him.