Thursday, January 29, 2009

Angels Among Us

Angels come in the form of Visiting Teachers! We have an older sister in our ward who has been in a convalescent center and her sweet Visiting Teacher has been visiting her. On one of those visits her Visiting Teacher delivered to her the special book that we each received at Christmas that had special things written about us by the other sisters in our ward. Her visiting teacher kneeled by the edge of her bed, gently stroked her hand and read to her the loving things that other sisters in our ward had written about her.
Angels come in the form of friends who follow the Spirit. One of the sisters in our ward was discouraged and overwhelmed with a very time consuming task she had to complete. Another sister in our ward called her and heard her tell about the task she had to complete that day. She came over and helped until the project was complete-which took most of the day.

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