Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We have had several sisters express a desire to know the "Lingo" for some of the words and phrases which are seen on the blog. I hope this helps and doesn't make it even more confusing!

In the left hand column of the blog under the Header "Lesson Schedule" you see TFOT. This is the abbreviation for "Teachings For Our Times".

Again, in the left hand column just beneath the "BE" Header you see "ABNY". This stands for "A Brand New Year". This is a little box you can click on and it will show you the outstanding video for our Youth which the Church put together. The YM/YW Theme for 2009 is "A Brand New Year". You should "click" on it and check it out-it will give you goose-bumps!

Again, in the left hand column you see "Followers". This is generally for other people who "Blog". If you have your own Blog you can use a photo of yourself or anything you like to represent you. If you like a certain blog and want to be updated when something new is posted on the Blog then you add your little picture and "follow" the Blog. So right now Brittanie, Kirsten and Debbie Hager are all following our Blog. Where is Jaimee, Marnie, Candace, Nicole & Debi Lassen???

At the VERY bottom of the Blog page is the wording: "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" You can just disregard this. It's not important-unless you are Nancy Hales-in which case we expect you to Subscribe to the Blog Magazine-LOL! (Laughing out Loud!)

Hope this helps you! Please visit the Blog often and become familiar with it and you will enjoy it even more.

----------IMPORTANT TIP-----------

To make it easier for you to visit the Blog you will want to "Save it to Favorites". You can do this by looking at the very top of your computer screen and on the left of the screen just under the arrows in the circles you will see the words:

File Edit View Favorites Tools

Click on Favorites Then a box will drop down and at the very top you will see:

Add to Favorites - click on this and then you are done. The next time you want to view the Blog all you have to do after you bring up the Internet is click on "Favorites" and then click on "Camarillo Second Ward Relief Society" and voila-there you are!

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