Friday, May 22, 2009

RS/YW Progressive Dinner & Bike Ride

Our RS/YW Progressive Dinner and Bike Ride was a huge success. We all had such a great time.
We started off at the park and then rode to Karen's for fruit and water. Here we had a little "Apron String Cutting" for our Laurels and their moms. Time to cut those strings, Moms! Nancy did a wonderful job spotlighting our out-going Laurels. Then Linn took a minute to give some advice to the new young women coming into Relief Society.
After a wonderful dinner of salad, chips & salsa and pulled pork sandwiches we all rode back up to the park for fun and games.
We had a few sisters who go a little carried away! Kathy, Roberta and June are HIGHLY competitive! Who knew?

Special Thanks to...
Alan and Jade-our "Hottie" chauffeurs in the red convertibles
Melissa-cooked and organized the delicious food
Trish-hours of planning and preparing


  1. Hi Deb...I've just spent a few minutes looking over the R.S. Blog. I loved hearing and seeing pictures about the Bike Enrichment and the cutting the apron strings for the Laurels and their moms. Great ideas. I feel like I've been missing my Camarillo 2nd ward sisters as I have been away. I hope to feel apart of you soon. Thanks for the nice post about the Beecroft Run. My family is all coming into town tonight and tomorrow. We look forward to the run on Monday.
    And thank you for keeping up this nice R.S. is such a great way to stay in touch with each other as sisters in our ward. You are doing a wonderful job with it!
    Love ya!
    Debi Lassen

  2. Wish I had been there! looks like FUN!