Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beecroft 5K Memorial Run

Monday was the Beecroft 5K Memorial Run in Ojai.
Many of the participants of the race were good friends and members of our ward. Janet took 1st place in her division!
All smiles BEFORE the race.
It's a great family race. Several of the children rode their bikes or hit the trail with their scooters. Many of the moms took to the path with their jogging strollers.
Scott & Kristy ran with their boys. Ethan & Drew ran with Scott while Kristy tried to keep up with Will as he rode his bike.
Lauri took 2nd in her division. Ed came in 6th in his age division!
Who are these cute mommas??? Bonnie placed 8th in her division and Debbie placed 4th in her division.
Oh, to be 9 again! Running like a gazelle!
Ethan & Drew came in not far behind their dad.
Marita came in 4th in her division! Their were 14 women in her division.
Kirsten has been training for this race and it really paid off. She quickly pulled ahead of the mass of runners to finish 5th in her division.
Look at those kids pull ahead at the start of the race! Addie was determined to finish before any of her cousins! Addie finished 4th in her division and Audrey finished 1st in hers! I think I see Tyler back there along with Ed, Bonnie & Jonathon.

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  1. I'm just getting online this morning after finishing up our Beecroft reunion with a full day at Disneyland yesterday.We had 76 members of our family here for the weekend and in the race on Monday!
    Thanks for sharing in the Beecroft 5K race and all those great pictures! I loved that so many from Camarillo were able to be in it, too! Thanks to Jade for being the race photographer and support! What family fun!