Monday, May 24, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things; Honoring our Senior Relief Society Sisters

The Relief Society Annual Birthday Social was held March 16th. This year was a celebration of our Senior Relief Society sisters. Pictured above are Barbara, Pat, Marj, Roberta, Pam, Margaret, Nikki, Kathy and sitting next to Kathy, but not in the picture, Blanche.
What 'theme' would be fitting to honor such wonderful women?
"A Few of My Favorite Things" seemed perfect as these amazing women are a few of our favorite things. Displayed at their banquet table was a photo of each of them from their younger years. The highlight of the evening was the privilege we each had as we listened as each of these seasoned women shared with us stories from their life. Some shared stories of their work as a teacher for many years, their work as a nurse and they care they gave, another story of living for a year off the land and raising horses. The stories were as diverse and interesting as the sisters themselves.
The buffet table trimmed with "Silver White Winters"
Our Young Women danced for us in their
"White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes"

Not only did the Young Women dance for us, but they also served us at our tables. The food was delicious! Our Food Committee, headed up by Karen, served Schnitzel with Noodle, veggies, rolls and yummy Crisp Apple Strudel for dessert. What a treat!
~We love our YW~
"Rain drops on Roses, Bright Copper Kettels, Warm Woolen Mittens"
"Brown Paper Packages tied up with String"
We were so fortunate to have Maria sing to us. She sang
"A Few of My Favorite Things".

After Maria sang to us, we all sang the song again, but this time with lyrics written especially for us by Bonnie.

Tears when you find your fam'ly tree links;
Teachers who bring everything but their sinks.
Minist'ring angels earning their wings;
These are a few of my favorite things.

Serving refreshments at all of our meetings;
Glue guns and carpools and warm fuzzy greetings.
Silver-haired sisters who know all the scoop;
Homemaking, lifting, and handing out soup.

Cream colored tables with fresh flowers in vases;
Church benches full of your children's bright faces.
Sons and daughters serving the Lord;
What more could we ask for in our Second Ward?

When the day ends, When I ponder, When I'm feeling tired, I simply remember my favorite things and then I feel so inspired.

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  1. Hello Cam 2nd friends! What a beautiful, fun blog. I got your address from Joanne. I wish I could have been there to witness this lovely evening and visit you wonderful Camarillo friends.

    Much love,
    Sally Linford