Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 Eagle Projects

Josh Morris designed and built 5 Bat Boxes. Camarillo has a shortage of housing for bats. Bats are very helpful in controlling the insect population in our area. To accommodate the local bats in our area the Bat Houses had to be built to special specifications. Then they had to be painted black to retain the heat from the day through the night.
The boys fearless leader-Bro. Hunter
After the Bat Houses were built, they needed to be installed at the Pleasant Valley Historical Museum Gardens. Looks like hard work!
With a little help from Bro. Barton the Bat Houses are mounted to the poles. The poles have to be a certain height from the ground and set in concrete.
Josh attaching the last Bat Box to the bracket on the pole.
Eagle Projects are never possible without the help of good leaders and good friends!
Ethan, Drew, Jake, Scott, Sam, Zach, Jacob, Will, Alex, Jason, Andrew, Brian, Evan, Robert, Paul, Andrew, Mike, Tyler and of course, mom & dad!

Robert's Project was at Monte Vista Middle School. They added a 2 benches and four trees to the quad. It looks so great now and will be there for many generations.

Thanks for all your help: Jake, Ethan, Drew, Sam, Zach, Josh, J.P., Will, Alex, Tanner, Evan, Trevor, Brian, Andrew, Jacob, Kristen, Beth, Bro. Henderson, Bro. Hunter, Bro. Barton and of & dad!
Awesome Red Bench-Monte Vista's colors are RED and Black! The boys dug out the dirt and set the bench in concrete.

The quad looks really great with the addition of the 4 trees and 2 benches.
The center of the quad is of tile and makes a great place for the students to gather.
This drill works a little faster and easier than the old fashioned shovel!
The dirt was so compacted-it was like concrete! They had to get the big-guns out! Thank goodness Robert knows someone who can rent those kind of tools!

Keep digging!!!!!

Good Job Robert!

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  1. Great Job Robert Bruce Arbon!!!!
    How fun to see you in these photo's.
    I am so proud of you!!!!

    Cuzin Christi Kovach