Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gardening Class at Stevenson's

We had another informative Gardening Class. Linda showed us the proper way to prune roses. She also gave us some valuable tips on keeping Hydrangeas.
Chuck explained the importance of trimming off your dead flowers to promote continuous blooming.
The best of the evening was these biodegradable pots. They are made of newspaper and are excellent starter containers for your veggies.
Here you see the finished product. Notice the wood "knob" in the back of the photo. Chuck made a couple of these and gave them as "door prizes". These are used to make the paper containers. They're called "Wooden Pot Makers".
Follow the instructions below to make the biodegradable containers.
Chuck shows how the wood pot makers come apart. There is a top and a bottom.
Roll the newspaper around the post snugly. Let about 2 inches of newspaper extend below the wood post.
Continue rolling until the entire length of newspaper is used.
Fold the bottom of the newspaper in toward the center and place the bottom wood post under bottom of newspaper. Apply a lot of pressure.
Remove wood pieces and you have your very own biodegradable starter container!

Here is a view of the inside of the pot. Don't have a wooden pot maker??? No worries---you can use an aluminum soda can or a 15 oz tomato can. You can also purchase them on-line for approximately $15.00. Or, you might barter with our wonderful Bro Stevenson---a pot maker for a fresh baked loaf of bread or jar of homemade jam!

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  1. Oh it looks so fun all the activities you guys are doing! I'm so excited to spend a month at home this summer and then a few months next year! :) YAY!