Sunday, June 28, 2009

June Cooking Class: BBQ Tips and Grilling by Outback Proprieter; Cameron Gaisford

Cameron Gaisford, Proprietor of the Oxnard Outback Steakhouse, was our guest speaker for the June Cooking Class. Here he is with mom, Bonnie
He came with all his gear, tons of food, and vast knowledge of grilling to share with us tips and information on choosing the best cut of beef, what are the choices in cuts of meat, rubs and seasonings, tips for grill prep and best of to bake the perfect potato.
How to make the Perfect Baked Potato: Wash potato and dry. Rub in margarine and then roll in Kosher salt. Place into a preheated oven at 350 degrees. Bake for 1 hour. Do not wrap in foil, do not poke with fork. Excellent every time! Cameron did an outstanding job of teaching us tips and tricks to make our BBQ meals even better.
He brought delicious appetisers, incredible baked potatoes and even steaks for us to sample and enjoy.

Sear your meat to seal in the juices. Approximately 3-5 minutes per side.
Your grill should be 450-500.
Test your meat with a meat thermometer for denseness.
For Rare beef: 140 degrees,
Medium Rare: 145-150,
Medium: 155-160,
Medium Well: 165,
Well: 170-180.
Cameron took quite a bit of time explaining the different cuts of beef commonly used in grilling and the benefits of each cut.
The Rib Eye is the best "All Around" steak. They can also be purchased bone in.
The Fillet is the best for tenderness. It is cut from the "non-working" part of the cow so that it is more tender.
The T-Bone is like 2 steaks in one; flavorful strip and fillet tenderloin. It is cut from the middle section of the short loin.
Porterhouse Steak is similar to the T-Bone. It is cut from the rear end of the short loin and has larger cuts of the strip and tenderloin.
3 Tips for your grill: Clean, well oiled and very hot. Cameron uses BUTTER!!! He also used a variety of seasonings made from combinations of spices we all use everyday. Picking the right "Grade" of beef is very important. Try to use "USDA Choice" for better flavor, less grisel and less fat. Some fat is wanted for flavor-some marbling is good, but too much fat is just that-too much fat. Remember that you are paying "by the pound" whether that's a pound of fat or a pound of meat.

The line begins!
The talented sisters in our ward outdid themselves, AGAIN! The variety of tasty salads and homemade rolls was enjoyed by all.
Grandma June is always the first to hold the new grand baby's!
3 of our FAVORITE sisters enjoying their delicious meal together.
This was such a great event to bring your friends, neighbors and extended family to. Here is the Jenkins Klan with Alan's sister and beautiful Corine.
Our wonderful hostess, Pam. She and Rex are always so gracious in opening their beautiful home to us. Also pictured is Barbara and Kyle visiting for awhile from Utah. It was so great to visit with her and catch up on her new life as a mommy.
Jarrod and Bonnie came and had a fun time!

Thank you, Cameron, for a wonderful and delicious evening!!!

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